Ware Place is organized into different synergetic areas:

PRODUCT AREA: it realizes high quality, reliable application products capable of satisfying the most specific and articulated requirements.

SERVICE AREA: it realizes outsourcing activities in order to offer its customers a rapid and efficient service.

PROJECT AREA: it is capable of operating on highly complex long-term projects using consolidated methods.

CUSTOMER SERVICE AREA: customers and partners can count on a team of specialists dedicated to technical and functional customer service.

SALES AREA: our Company, thanks to its numerous partnerships, can rely on an elaborate and highly qualified sales network.

MARKETING AREA: its objective is to create powerful and distinctive messages in order to expand awareness of our trademarks.

DATA BASE AREA: it constantly gathers and updates information connected with databases and the territory.

RESEARCH AREA: it strives to anticipate future developments by experimenting with new technologies and researching increasingly sophisticated solutions that will enable us to meet the growing market requirements.