Why is a data quality tool necessary?

In any sector of business, the data concerning a person is compiled manually or dictated verbally. These procedures lead to significant errors both during the writing stage and the optical reading/data input stage. Moreover, the same person may provide his/her data at different times, with the consequent duplication of the information and the related increase of management costs (e.g. mailing costs due to the forwarding of multiple copies to the same addressee).

Using a data normalization, certification and deduplication tool can obviate all these inconveniences.

This treatment affords various benefits:

    • improved business database quality.
    • improved forwarding of addresses.
    • drastic reduction of costs and returned mail.
    • consolidation of the company’ s image with customers, thus eliminating the risk that the positive effect of a captivating letter may be compromised by incorrect private data (e.g. Dear Miss George, resulting from the incorrect transcription of the sex information).
    • elimination of the possibility that the same person may be offered better conditions than those currently applied, simply because he/she has not been identified as a previously acquired customer.

To sum up, all it takes is an incorrect, incomplete or duplicate data item to impair the credibility of any company, thus causing significant economic damage.

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