It is the product that provides 360 management of the quality of your business information.

E-gon enables the automatic normalization of your databases, eliminating errors, completing partial or missing information, and preventing the input of new errors in the database.

Moreover, E-gon allows you to verify and certify that the information is univocal, through a complete and sophisticated deduplication process. Indeed, the purpose of normalization and deduplication is to ensure a high level of data quality in your database.


Thanks to its international structure, e-gon is capable of normalizing the databases of various countries, both European and South American. The treatment of databases of various countries can in fact be enclosed in a single database and single function, depending on your requirements. Exploiting the benefits offered by modularity, e-gon provides for general modules, valid for all countries, as well as specific modules for managing the urban peculiarities of each country.


The information needed for the realization of a bank placement originate from different sources and structures and are sometimes limited to a particular application procedure (bank transfers, portfolio, foreign transactions, etc.). The tools used today are constructed on a case-by-case basis for a specific problem, with the consequent duplication of software and data, but most of all, lacking the flexibility needed to deal with the changes that increasingly affect the banking industry(merges, takeovers, procedural and regulatory amendments, etc.). Bank-Place is a single tool for gathering and updating banking information, capable of realizing any type of electronic and paper format placement.

Even outside the banking field, Bank-Place provides monitoring of financial co-ordinates (now a must for any company) as well as support for their input (electronic bank book). If a bank or branch has been involved in a merger or takeover operation, Bank-Place suggests the new co-ordinates.


The foreign operations often performed by banks, both incoming and outgoing, involve a significant amount of manual work, since the data is frequently destructured or partial.

Swift-Place is a product that can handle the data of both incoming and outgoing foreign banking operations. It also manages the coding defined by the main institutional networks (SWIFT, IBAN, etc.).

For outgoing foreign operations, Swift-Place manages the forwarding procedures through the authorized banks, while for operations originating from foreign countries it manages the problems connected with the interpretation and validation of the information contained in the messages.


To be truly effective and become an efficient tool, a customer database requires that the data be normalized. However, the acquisition of a data quality management product is problematic, requiring conspicuous human and financial resources.

E-GON Service has been specially designed to ensure that all the information contained in your database is correct and univocal; this is achieved with low costs and without any internal organizational impact.

Ware Place provides an efficient normalization service that is capable of automatically correcting your database, preventing the input of errors or duplicate records.

E-GON Service also performs the normalization of mailing addresses, thus ensuring improved and faster forwarding.